Shyp will save you a trip to the post office

Shyp Website

Unless you love waiting in line at the post office, I definitely recommend giving Shyp a try the next time you need to send a package.

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Google AdWords getting a major redesign

Google AdWords Redesign

Earlier today, Google announced a major redesign for AdWords, which will bring the product in line with their other apps that have already been transformed by the company's Material Design philosophy.

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Apple bringing Night Shift to iOS 9.3

Apple's iOS 9.3 beta includes a new feature called Night Shift that adjusts the color temperature of your device based on the time of day and your location.

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Leaving my car with Luxe

Luxe Valet

I recently needed to park in a busy area of Chicago after work and decided to try Luxe, a mobile app-based valet parking service looking to make parking in major cities more convenient.

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My First Impressions with Spotify Running

Spotify Running

My first impressions of Spotify Running, which delivers recommended music, genre-specific playlists, and curated mixes that match the tempo of your run.

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UPDATE: Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm changes

It's been one week since Google starting rolling out changes to search results on mobile devices, and while "Mobilegeddon" (their words, not mine) has yet to have the impact expected, more changes could be coming as Google finishes the rollout.

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Google’s mobile-friendly search results and the SEO value of a responsive website

With mobile devices accounting for 60% of digital media usage, and spending on mobile search advertising approaching the tipping point, it's no surprise that Google recently announced a number of changes that focus on improving the mobile search experience.

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How to optimize website images for faster load times


One issue we see fairly often is the use of uncompressed images for design elements, photo galleries, and blog posts. The file size of these images ends up much larger than necessary, and can have a huge affect on load times (especially on mobile devices). Learn how to quickly optimize websites images, resulting in reduced file sizes and faster load times for your content.

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