Need to create a color palette? Coolors is here to help!

Coolors Palette

If you've ever had to create a color palette for a project, you've probably seen a few of the sites out there that try to make that process easier.

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Google’s mobile-friendly search results and the SEO value of a responsive website

With mobile devices accounting for 60% of digital media usage, and spending on mobile search advertising approaching the tipping point, it's no surprise that Google recently announced a number of changes that focus on improving the mobile search experience.

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How to optimize website images for faster load times


One issue we see fairly often is the use of uncompressed images for design elements, photo galleries, and blog posts. The file size of these images ends up much larger than necessary, and can have a huge affect on load times (especially on mobile devices). Learn how to quickly optimize websites images, resulting in reduced file sizes and faster load times for your content.

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