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Halfpops was born in 2011 when founder (and retired race car driver) Mike Fitzgerald perfected his recipe for half-popped popcorn. This health-conscious snack startup shows no signs of slowing down, and we’ve had a blast working with them to raise awareness, grow their audience, and increase the sales of their products.

Hello Halfpops

When we first met with Halfpops, their company was experiencing rapid growth, and they needed a website that reflected their evolution as a brand. As a consumer-facing brand, it’s crucial that the Halfpops website is easy to use across all devices, and provides fans with everything they need to explore products, make informed purchasing decisions, and find their favorite flavor when they’re ready to buy. In addition to designing and developing a fully-custom WordPress site, we also developed a custom store finder using Ruby on Rails. Halfpops new store finder allowed them to easily manage their database of store locations and inventory, while giving fans an easy way to find the nearest location to get their Halfpops fix.

Spreading the word

When launching a new product, exposure is key, and our PR team was able to secure placement in publications like People, Good Housekeeping, and Refinery 29. Additionally, we partnered with a variety of festivals (AIR + STYLE LA, San Jose Jazz Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Lower East Side Film Festival, Colcoa French Film Festival, Cinder Block Comedy Festival), and worked with brands like Sony, Fitbox, and Harvard University to get Halfpops in the hands of tens of thousands of potential customers.

Let's get social

Looking to create additional engagement with fans, we developed and executed a full-scale social media strategy across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that included original content, weekly contests, and influencer outreach.

The future is delicious

One of our favorite parts about working with the Halfpops team is their creativity and willingness to try new things. They’re always cooking up something fun, and we can’t wait to see (and taste) what’s next!