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Ah, the great Pacific Northwest – home to chain coffee, grunge rock, and our friends at Digux. The Bellevue, Washington-based I.T. service provider hired our team to help tell their story, a process that included user stories, content audits, wireframes, and a full redesign of their company website.

Asking the right questions

When we first kicked off this project with Digux, we took the time to learn about who they are as individuals and as a company. We wanted to understand their industry, short- and long-term goals, the challenges they face, and what the competitive landscape looked like. We find that taking the time to really get to know a company sets us up for success, allowing us to act as an extension of their team and provide the solutions that are right for them as a unique company.

Finding the narrative

Digux founder Dustin Frost is passionate about the work his team does, and his enthusiasm is infectious, but he felt their website needed to better represent the company and showcase their dedication to going above and beyond for their customers. We worked with his team to create a series of user stories that allowed us to segment and his target audience, and then completed a full content audit to ensure their copy was conveying the right message.

Establishing the look

Once the content was finalized, we established layouts and created wireframes. Soon after, typefaces were set, colors added, logos placed, buttons styled, and the site starts to take shape. Our designers do an amazing job at bringing wireframes to life and we always look forward to sharing design mockups with clients for the first time.

Putting it all together

During development, we turned the final designs into a fully custom WordPress theme. By developing from scratch, we can perfectly match the design mockups, implement the exact functionality needed, and create a flexible foundation that can evolve with a business as it grows. Prior to launch, we setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console, ensure all SEO best practices are in place, and configure the hosting servers and domains as needed. One final review and it’s time for launch!

Through the years

As an added bonus, Dustin recently wrote a blog post showcasing the evolution of the Digux website over the past 14 years. We’re thrilled we could play a part in the latest chapter of Digux’s history and look forward to watching their business continue to grow and thrive.