Job Posting: Account Manager

Coordinate is a full-service agency that develops and executes measurable marketing strategies for our clients, helping them make the most of their budgets by focusing on the right things, not everything. We’re a remote company and currently looking for an Account Manager to grow our

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Client Spotlight: Helix Hospitality President JR Patel on Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Helix Hospitality Renovation

The hospitality industry can be fast-moving, often driven by the latest trends and customer demands – something we’ve seen firsthand while working with our client, Helix Hospitality.

Success in the industry not only requires an understanding of today’s market, but also an eye to the …

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Client Spotlight: The International Music Foundation presents Rush Hour Concerts

International Music Foundation – Rush Hour Concerts 2018

As a marketing and public relations agency, we often work with clients to help spread the word about the great work they're doing. This Client Spotlight highlights our partnership with the Chicago-based International Music Foundation, an organization we're thrilled to be working with and a cause we're excited to support.

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Keep Calm and Focus on the Big Picture

Martech Landscape - April 2018

If you've ever been responsible for finding the right solution to a marketing problem, you've no doubt experienced one of the major challenges businesses are facing in 2018. The space is growing at an incredible pace, and new startups are popping up every day to try to meet the demand or solve some niche problem in the system.

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What are Google Analytics User and Event Data Retention Controls?

Library Card Boxes

Good question. In a recent email to Google Analytics administrators, Google announced the arrival of Data Retention Controls, part of their efforts to ensure adherence to a new set of privacy regulations passed in Europe and going into effect in May (you can find more information at the EU GDPR website).

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Looks like somebody got a new haircut.

Coordinate° Homepage

A few months ago, as we were onboarding new teammates and working to expand our service offering, we realized that we had outgrown our existing website and many of our marketing materials.

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“Chrome will show security warnings” – Google will warn users when input fields are not secure

Chrome will show security warnings

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a "NOT SECURE" warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.

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Client Spotlight: Digux launches new website to share their story

Digux Website

Last year, while we were working with our friends at Halfpops, we were introduced to their I.T. service provider — the Bellevue, Washington-based team at Digux. One conversation led to another, and our team began working with Digux to help them redevelop their marketing narrative, and develop a new website that better represented the brand they had built. This is that story in the context of our process to shed some light on what it takes to bring a new website to life.

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More of my favorite brands and products from Natural Products Expo West

Rachel's Overnight Oats

In a post last month I highlighted some of the brands and products that stood out at Expo West. This week I'm sharing a few more that left an impression, for good and for weird.

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