Client Spotlight: Helix Hospitality President JR Patel on Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Helix Hospitality RenovationThe hospitality industry can be fast-moving, often driven by the latest trends and customer demands – something we’ve seen firsthand while working with our client, Helix Hospitality.

Success in the industry not only requires an understanding of today’s market, but also an eye to the future and what might be on the horizon. Helix Hospitality President JR Patel has proven himself to be an effective industry leader, balancing the demands of short-term and long-term sustainability and success.

JR recently published an article on sustainability and green initiatives and believes the industry should be doing more:

Why are design and demand forcing us to create fashionable but cheap, low-quality hotel rooms? Why doesn’t the industry think about the most routine and expected parts of its carbon footprint and tackle the challenges around them as a priority? With younger customers expecting design to constantly evolve and excite, why aren’t we thinking about sustainability from a larger, more systematic perspective? Most of all, why aren’t we innovating? After all, we’re the industry that invented the minibar and, more recently, an entire modular room that can be stacked up to build a hotel.

Not content to just identify problems, JR explores pratical solutions that would have a positive environmental impact, while also creating positive returns for the business (unlockable furniture, replaceable artwork and appliance panels, modular LED lighting, and more).

For more insights and thoughts on sustainability and green iniatitives in the industry, read the original article on LinkedIn or as picked up by Green Lodging News.