Looks like somebody got a new haircut.

Okay, it’s more of a full makeover, but thanks for noticing.

At Coordinate°, it’s important that our branding reflects our company, our people, our values, and the great work we do on behalf of our clients.

A few months ago, as we were onboarding new teammates and working to expand our service offering, we realized that we had outgrown our existing website and many of our marketing materials.

We set out to give these resources the refresh they deserved, and today we’re excited to be launching the next iteration of Coordinate°.

First, the logo. We’re a little more grown up now, and the subtle changes we made reflect that.

Coordinate Logo

The website is often someone’s first impression of us, so it got the most attention.

Coordinate° Homepage

As a marketing and public relations agency, we know our value is defined by the work we do and the success we bring to our clients. On our new site, you’ll find our work front and center, and we’ve written a number of client features and case studies so you can learn more about the projects we’ve been working on (something we’ll continue to do moving forward).

Coordinate° Website - Our Work

Alongside all of these changes, there’s also a renewed sense of excitement to produce more great content than ever before, with the goal of sharing helpful information with our friends and clients (and mom if you’re reading this). We’ll be focusing on topics like tech news, marketing best practices, the challenges of remote work, and cool things our clients are doing. We hope you’ll follow along on our blog and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

There’s so much more to come in the future, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone soon!