Client Spotlight: Halfpops at Natural Products Expo West

This past weekend was the 37th annual Natural Products Expo West show, the largest “natural, organic, and healthy products” event in the world. With over 3,100 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees meeting up in Anaheim, it’s a convention unlike any other we’ve been to.

Expo West Map

Look at this map. I had to take a panorama just to capture it all, and this still isn’t the entire floor plan. Expo West is massive!

This year, we specifically went to meet with and support our client Halfpops, who were showcasing their seven flavors of half-popped popcorn. The amount of foot traffic they received was phenomenal, and they went through thousands (and thousands) of samples. We had a great time introducing Halfpops to people for the first time, and met plenty of attendees who were already big fans of the product (we even overheard the exhibitor across from us commenting how happy she was to be so close to her favorite snack).

Halfpops at Expo West

Half-popped popcorn in seven curiously crunchy flavors (looks like someone couldn’t keep their hands off the bag of Black Truffle & Sea Salt).

Halfpops at Expo West

Team Halfpops

Team Halfpops — Amanda Sievers, Supply Chain Logistics Manager, Mike Watts, Vice President of Marketing, Mike Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO, and Mike Barone, Vice President of Sales.

A big thanks to Mike, Mike, Mike, and Amanda for having us out and letting us be a part of this year’s expo, and we can’t wait do it all again next year!