Client Spotlight: Halfpops asks, “How will you survive the Halfpocalypse?”

“Hi, we’re Halfpops. And we’re pretty sure that robots are going to take over the world and kill us all one day.”

That’s the message in a new video our client Halfpops launched this morning to warn the world about the impending AI apocalypse.

If you haven’t tried them, Halfpops are half-popped popcorn snacks that come in seven different flavors (I keep a stash of Aged White Cheddar around at all times).


When the robot overlords do take over, the team at Halfpops won’t be going down quietly. They’re looking to assemble a team of “binary badasses” for protection during the end times, in exchange for all the Halfpops they’ll need to keep fighting.

For anyone who can prove they’re code savvy by completing the Halfpocalypse Challenge, Halfpops will send them a month’s supply of rations now as a sign of good faith.

Because seriously…

Can you even make a weapon?

As our friend (and VP of Marketing for Halfpops) Mike Watts told Adweek, “Since the brand itself is irreverent and playful, we wanted to do something that would be bold and a little bit ridiculous. We’re a small brand trying to make a big splash.”

When we initially worked with Halfpops to launch their new website earlier this year, we got to know them as a fun-loving brand, with a great product, and a willingness to think outside the box. Halfpocalypse represents their refreshing approach to marketing and we’re excited to see where it goes. Congrats to the entire Halfpops team on the launch and we hope you’ll bring us along when the world ends.