Client Spotlight: Tom Brady keeps Yasso in his freezer…

Early last week, a casual Facebook post from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set off an eventful day for our friends over at Yasso.

If you’re not familiar, Yasso is a Boston-based company that makes amazing frozen Greek yogurt bars in flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cup, and sea salt caramel. We’ve had a lot of fun working with their awesome team over the past few years, and love to see all their hard work paying off.

So back to the story, Tom Brady posts about his #chillydog in the freezer, and his social media fans call attention to his stash of Yasso, and the hand-labeled pints of avocado ice cream.

Knowing they had a unique opportunity in front of them, Yasso quickly got to work:

Hey Tom Brady, you got us thinking…Avocado Chocolate Chip #Yasso bar?!

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As they posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the day, the fan response was fantastic and Yasso’s social engagement and website traffic grew steadily.

In the late afternoon, there was a little hiccup when we received an alert that the Yasso website wasn’t responding (something we monitor 24/7), and while we quickly went to work helping them get a backup server up and running, the Yasso team asked us to create a landing page to get a message out to their fans:

Wow…what a day! Tom Brady, you officially broke our server. #SmallBizProblems

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It wasn’t long before their website was back up and running and the first batch of avocado chocolate chip bars was complete.

The creativity and flexibility the Yasso team demonstrated allowed them to take advantage of a huge social media opportunity, and turn it into a wildly successful day for their brand.

No word yet on what Tom thinks of the new flavor, but based on the fan reaction, it looks like Yasso might have a new hit on their hands.