Apple bringing Night Shift to iOS 9.3

Earlier today, Apple released the public beta of iOS 9.3, and while it offers up a number of enhancements, there’s one in particular that caught my attention. In the system update is a new feature called Night Shift, and by utilizing your device’s clock and location, it can automatically adjust the color temperature of your screen throughout the day.

For years we’ve been warned about the damage staring at electronic devices can cause, not to mention how many negative effects it can have on our sleep. By adjusting the color temperature (cooler/blue during daylight hours and warmer/orange in the evenings) Night Shift will not only reduce eye strain, but will be a welcomed addition for those of us who work odd hours, read on our devices, or sneak in a game of Hearthstone before bed.

While Apple is by no means the first to offer up a solution (f.lux has been doing this on the Mac for years, and jailbroken iOS devices have had this capability as well), including Night Shift as part of iOS should be a nice quality-of-life improvement.