Gmail’s Undo Send becomes a standard feature

Gmail Undo Send

Back in 2009, Google rolled out a feature in Gmail Labs that gave users a few seconds to hit Undo after sending an email. I’ve been using it for years and was surprised by how often it came in handy. It might be a missed attachment, or forgetting to cc: someone, or catching a typo at the last second, but it’s proven its value time and time again.

Fast forward to this week, and Google has now made Undo Send a standard feature. You can enable it by clicking the gear icon in Gmail and selecting Settings, and you can also set the amount of time you have to undo the send.

Gmail Undo Send Settings

As careful as I am about proofreading, it’s nice to know the Undo option is there if I need it. Hopefully it proves useful for you as well!